Sep 27, 2012

The Final Countdown

I got some amazing news yesterday. Locked Within is now available on Kindle through and It's on sale at a special low introductory price so if you like your ebooks or just want to get it early, this is the perfect time.

You can also now pre-order the print edition on, though for some reason they're listing it as out of stock instead of not-yet-released.

This is my last blog post before the real work starts on promotion for Locked Within's print release.

So here's how things are going to go for the next several weeks.

I'll start off in October with a series of blog posts about how I've gotten along on my journey to publication, from my earliest daydreams as a child to the long hours of revision and doubt that made me wonder whether I'd make it at all.

Following from that I'll discuss some of the sources of inspiration I've had, including samples of music from the playlists I listened to while writing the book. That should take us up to the end of October.

I'll have a couple of blog posts then in early November, to round things out before the release date, in which I'll talk about how I've felt about this journey and the places it's brought me, the challenges I've faced, and how I feel coming out the other end.

In November, starting November 6th I'll be hitting the virtual road on the Locked Within Blog Tour, sharing thoughts on mythology, history, and the subject of reincarnation, as well as giving a couple of interviews. I've been in touch with my hosts to confirm dates, though I can still fit in some extra dates if anyone would like to have me.

As well as the real-world book launch on the 8th, there'll be a virtual book launch on Twitter on the 9th. I'll come up with a hashtag for that and spread the word. The book launch is looking set to be very well attended but I know there are a lot of people who can't make it and I'd like to do something to give everyone a chance to come together.

The Blog Tour will wrap up on the 30th, and that night I'll host an online chat for people who've read the book to discuss it and ask some questions if they like. There will also be a prize up for grabs, but more on that later.

Things are going to get really busy from here on out. Wish me luck!


  1. It looks as though the Kindle edition is not available on They only have a paperback option.

  2. Paul, this sounds very cool and extremely interesting. I really love seeing what the different WiDo authors do for promotion. It varies all the way from basically nothing to going all out for one's release. I'm somewhere in the low end-- on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the top level of activity, I'm probably a 4.

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm really looking forward to November.