Apr 25, 2013

Theme Songs for Games

Just as I listen to music while I write, I use background music during the games I run. I've been known to spend hours going through my music collection to assemble the perfect playlist for a game before it starts.

Tonight we're starting a new campaign with the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game. In it, the players will all be on the run from the White Council's Wardens (magic cops, for those unfamiliar with the series), due to a violation of the Laws of Magic that they've either been directly blamed for, or are considered accomplices in for helping the lawbreakers evade the Wardens.

We're all taking a lot of inspiration from the tv show Supernatural, and it looks set to be a grim trek across America for the group as they try to track down the real lawbreakers. They'll have to keep one step ahead of the Wardens as they help people with their supernatural problems along the way.

Given the hopeless, "on our own" nature of the game, I figured this would make an appropriate theme song:

Do any of you use music in your games? Have you ever chosen a particular theme song to play at the start of each session, to help people get focused and in the mood?

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