Sep 23, 2013

Silent Oath Soundtrack: End Credits

We come to the end of my Silent Oath Soundtrack series. I hope you've enjoyed listening to these tracks as much as I valued the inspiration and motivation they provided.

Before I give you the final piece, I'd like to invite you all to share what songs and instrumental pieces you feel captures Nathan Shepherd, his world, his friends, his enemies, and his story. I love learning how others read into my work, so I'd be delighted to hear from you guys on this.

This final piece is another repeat from last year. At the end of the book, when all has been done, despite his new scars, Nathan still has to get back up and keep fighting. As his dad said to him, "You'll always have New York," and that means New Yorks needs him. Nathan can't let his city down. No matter how hard the struggle, he has to keep going, as the city's protector. Only this time, hopefully, he won't have to do it alone.

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