Sep 20, 2013

Silent Oath Soundtrack: Heroic Moments

For those of you coming to the Silent Oath Book Launch, there have been some changes to the venue and the format. Check out my updated details here.

The Goodreads giveaway for a signed copy of Silent Oath is picking up steam. You can check it out here.

Nathan Shepherd is a hero. This is because I write books about heroes doing heroic things and defeating evil villains. Every hero needs heroic music to back them up, and Nathan is no exception.

I used two tracks, primarily, to keep myself focused for the action scenes where Nathan needed to be at his best.

Many of you will remember this one. I posted it last year for the Locked Within soundtrack series. This is still Nathan's heroic theme, the track I use to gird myself for his "save the day" moments.

This is such a rousing piece, by the amazing Jeremy Soule. Composed for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, even without the lyric translation, you can feel the building emotion and power behind it. I listened to this piece, obsessively, while fine-tuning the final climactic scene of Silent Oath. It was perfect for the kind of desperate, brutal conflict I was writing.

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