Sep 25, 2013

Taking Sides Sample

Earlier this month, I announced the release of Taking Sides: Cynthia, a short story set between Locked Within and Silent Oath.

Today I'm posting an excerpt, to give you a taste of what's been happening to Cynthia since her experiences in Locked Within.
Cynthia Keller sat in her car, listening to  the rain hammer down on the windscreen. She checked her watch. Five minutes late. Typical.

Give him a break. It had been so hard for him. Not that she’d come through unscathed, but at least she had her job and her home. 

A dull ache had been growing deep inside her leg for the last hour. It had spread from her femur through her knee and shin, up into her hip. Enough was enough. She searched her purse for her pills. Her hand passed over her  revolver and lay on the handle for a moment. The cold  metal was comforting.

She grabbed the first bottle she found and grimaced. They weren’t her painkillers, they were the ones that were supposed to help her sleep. The first night she took them she had awful nightmares, but she couldn’t wake up. Her neighbours asked her, the following morning, if she was all right. They’d heard her screaming. She hadn’t taken them since, but liked knowing they were there. The same applied to the anxiety pills. She rarely took them anymore, but it was good having them to hand, just in case. 

The painkillers were long, plastic-coated things in red and white capsules. She took them with some water and closed her eyes while they did their work, diverting her mind from the oncoming pain and providing an added sense of calm.

Her phone vibrated in her bag and she fished it out. Laura’s name appeared on the screen.

“Hey,” Cynthia said, followed by an awkward silence.

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