Nov 21, 2013

Christmas Offer

With the Christmas season coming up, it's a great time to buy books as gifts. And I happen to have some copies of Silent Oath left.

So if people would like to order a copy of Silent Oath from me, let me know and I'll sign it to whomever you want. Copies will go for €12, with free shipping within Ireland, and an extra €5 for shipping outside of Ireland.

As a bonus, if someone you know hasn't read any of the series yet, I can take orders for both books together at €20, again with free delivery in Ireland and €5 outside of Ireland.

In order to ensure that books arrive in time for Christmas, I'll need to ship anything going within Ireland by December 20th, within the UK by December 19th, the rest of Europe by December 13th, and the rest of the world by December 6th.

To factor in delivery times needed for orders that include copies of Locked Within, I would need to have the order in 7 days earlier to account for shipping times for stock.

But obviously, this is all at the mercy of the Irish postal service, and there may be delays, so get your orders in early!

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