Nov 5, 2013

Final Hope - Book 3 of the Locked Within Trilogy

You mean after working so hard all year and pushing myself to exhaustion last month, I still have to keep updating my blog? Am I not rich and famous yet? No? Okay, then...

I'll have a post on Thursday about what I learned from the launch of my second novel. Silent Oath is out there in the world, and, for what it's worth, currently being pimped out by my readers in the Goodreads book awards. If you'd like to head over and chip in a vote, I'd really appreciate it.

The major bit of news right now is that the third and last book in the Locked Within Trilogy, Final Hope, has been contracted by WiDo Publishing. It's due for release late next year, and will see Nathan Shepherd return for one last adventure. 

(Spoilers below) 

(Seriously, stop here if you haven't read Silent Oath)

(I mean it!)

It has been over a year since Nathan Shepherd and his friends defeated Morrigan, preventing her from building a demonic army. In a series of trials that will test his every strength and strike at his every weakness, Nathan must reach into his past to find a power he never knew he had, and make a final stand against the forces of darkness. If he fails, Athamar’s plans will not just endanger the lives of countless innocents, but the very souls of every person on the planet.


  1. Awesome news that the third book has been contracted!

    1. Thank you! Even though I'm still very much in Silent Oath mode, I can't wait to get stuck into my edits on this one.