Jul 24, 2014

Memory Wars Cast

I think most writers dream of seeing their book turned into a movie one day. I certainly do. And of course, you want the right cast. Often when I write, I keep particular actors in mind, to help me keep characters' personalities and appearances consistent. Over time, these images in my head can change, and with the Memory Wars, this is certainly the case, as many of the actors I previously used as inspiration have grown a lot older since I first started work on the series.

So here's the dream cast, if the Memory Wars were to be made into a movie series:

Nathan Shepherd
- Stephen Amell

Elena DeSantis
- Mila Kunis

Cynthia Keller
- Jessica Biel

Cadence Brooke
- Tiffany Hines

Sam Kinnon
- Chris Hemsworth

Mike Shepherd
- Martin Sheen

- Steve Buscemi

Laura Lucas
- Rachel McAdams

Vincent Dorian
- Tom Hiddleston

Jonah Creek
- Stanley Tucci

- Henry Cavill

- Angelina Jolie


  1. IMO, perfect casting. This is such a good way, too, to write a book: have these visuals in mind. And good luck. I think your stories would make excellent movies: great action and dialogue.