Jul 10, 2014


My wife and I are off to the wedding of one of our oldest friends today, so there won't be a proper blog post.

Instead, I'll remind everyone of everything that's going on as we get ever closer to the release of Memory War:

Book Launch - If you're in Dublin in September, RSVP to the launch party on the 6th, and help us celebrate the epic conclusion to the series.

Ask The Author - Stop by my Goodreads page and ask me anything you like!

TV Tropes - Check out the new Memory Wars Trilogy page on TV Tropes, and add some examples of your own.

Pre-Order - Order your copy of Memory War ahead of the launch, either from Amazon or directly from me.

Blog Tour - If you'd like to help promote the new book, sign up for the blog tour and host an article, interview, or review.

Casting Contest - The closing date of July 15th is almost here. Send in your dream cast for a Memory Wars movie series, and be in for a chance to win a signed copy of the third book.


  1. "epic conclusion of the series" So very cool! Well done, Paul!

  2. Paul - good luck with your launch. Wish I was going to be in Dublin!! Thanks for the kind words on my blog.