Jul 1, 2014

TV Tropes

TV Tropes is a wonderful, terrible thing. It's a fantastic tool for analyzing narrative structure and storytelling techniques, but it's a huge time-sink, and if you're not careful, you'll wind up losing hours of your day to it.

It also happens to be a handy place to let people know about new books, shows, and movies. Unlike Wikipedia, they have no rules or guidelines against creators adding their own work, so long as they accept that once a page is created or an example entered, the community can edit or remove it if they feel it's no longer relevant, or have comments of their own to make. It's kinda wonderful how it's grown so successful based just on a shared love of stories and how they're told.

I've added a page for The Memory Wars, with a hefty set of initial tropes that can be found in the series. I've refrained from going into any detail on Memory War there, at least until the book has been out long enough for people to read it, and any examples that might give away the plot of the series have been spoiler-tagged. Please take a look, and if there's any examples you'd like to add yourselves, create an account and share your thoughts!

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