Jul 31, 2014


We've been having a stressful time lately, on a couple of fronts. It's been a hard couple of weeks, but we've had amazing support from friends and family. Thank you to everyone who's given advice, offered to lend a hand, or just listened to us.

I want to take the positive from this. We have learned from this, and we have achieved from this. We've restored order to our house, in fact it looks the best it has since before we lost Conor. We've learned from mistakes and will do better in the future. We've set our goals and will achieve them.

We've gotten our physical environment in order. Now it's time to do the same for our hearts and minds.

In addition to being eternally grateful to those who've supported us, we have a new affirmation:

I am strong and respected.
My children are happy and loved.
My home is peaceful and safe.
My life is prosperous and joyful.

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  1. I like your affirmation, Paul! And glad things are starting to look up for you.