Aug 1, 2014


The Shamrokon timetable is up, and it looks set to be a fantastic weekend packed with a variety of interesting things to do. Not to mention it's got close to 1,000 members booked already, from over 30 countries. This is the biggest fan convention I'll have ever been to, and I can't wait.

I have an interesting schedule, and I'm honoured to have been asked to moderate my very first panel!

Friday Aug 22nd
3pm - European Focus: Cartoons in Common
James Brophy (M), Miroslaw Baran, Paul Anthony Shortt

We'll be discussing European-made cartoons we all grew up watching, and how they've influenced us.

Saturday Aug 23rd
3pm - Peaceful Science Fiction
Paul Anthony Shortt (M), Liz Bourke, Carrie Vaughn, Ian Watson

A look at SFF where the heroes don't resort to blasters and swordfights to get the job done. This is the panel I'll be moderating.

Sunday Aug 24th
10am - Where Are All The Irish Speculative Fiction Novels?
Patricia Kennon, Ruth Frances Long, Ian Paul Power, Paul Anthony Shortt, Bob Neilson

Asking why Ireland's SFF scene seems predominantly aimed at children.

3pm - Genre Toys
Davitt Waldron (M), Emma England, Seanan McGuire, Paul Anthony Shortt

Exactly what it says on the tin. Toys based on all manner of SFF.

So come along. These conventions are amazing fun, for fans and creators alike, and you get you spend your weekend with some really cool people.

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