Aug 12, 2014

Memory War Soundtrack: End of All Hope

Part three of this series of soundtrack posts brings us to one of the major "set piece" tracks. There's a scene in Memory War, where this song became my background music for every part of the planning phase. In fact, the scene in question was one of the first I'd decided on when planning the book. 

It is the end of all hope
To lose the child, the faith
To end all the innocence
To be someone like me

What Nathan faces in Memory War is the greatest threat he has ever seen. Everything is at stake and Athamar will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

This is the birth of all hope
To have what I once had
This life unforgiven
It will end with a birth

All the while, Nathan is aware that he played his part in this, and that his actions led to Athamar becoming the monster he is. The reborn believe in allowing each soul a fresh start when it is reincarnated. But what can be done about someone so committed to violence and suffering that he dedicates every lifetime to it?

Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
Alone as they are drawing near
In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

Can Nathan redeem himself? Can he undo the mistakes he's made? Or is his own life the price he must pay to put things right?

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