Aug 14, 2014

Memory War Soundtrack: Test Drive

Today's soundtrack installment differs from the norm, since this is a segment from a film score, rather than an actual song. I find film scores to be an incredible source of inspiration and motivation. So many of the most important scenes in my books take their pacing and feel from a really powerful film score that I could probably do an entire blog just on how music has influenced my writing.

This is a truly beautiful piece from an exemplary score. John Powell's music almost guides the film, instead of being guided by it, and you can read some great reviews here and here. A really solid film score is something you can sit and enjoy in its own right, without the movie, and John Powell consistently delivers.

For Memory War, I used this piece to indulge in a little experimentation. You see, I love montages in movies. They're a wonderful film-making technique and a powerful narrative tool, one that's unique to film and television.

So I wanted to do a written version.

To that end, Memory War includes a training montage, in which Nathan and his allies prepare for their final battle. I kept this piece in mind as I wrote, and I hope the mood it evokes comes across in the montage chapter. If any lovers of music and film would like to chat about it after reading the book, let me know!

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