Aug 5, 2014

Memory War Soundtrack: No Easy Way Out

Jen and I are going through a tricky time right now. There are lots of changes on the way which I can't really go into just yet. I promise I'll explain once the dust has settled and we know for sure what's going to happen, but for now I want to put my energy into getting you guys as excited as I am for the release of Memory War! Remember, it's out for Kindle on August 13th, and in print on September 2nd.

To kick us off as we get serious on the countdown to the final battle, we're taking a look at the music that inspired the book.

First up is a classic from the Rocky IV soundtrack, No Easy Way Out, by Robert Tepper.

Kind of appropriate that I start with this, given what's going on in my own life right now, but as readers will no doubt guess, this song perfectly fits the challenges facing Nathan Shepherd at the end of Silent Oath, which follow on into Memory War...

I don't wanna miss the fight,
I don't wanna drag you down.
But I'm feeling like a prisoner,
Like a stranger in a no-name town.
I see all the angry faces,
So afraid that could be you and me.
Talking about what might have been,
Thinking about what it used to be.

Nathan has lost and suffered. His victory in Silent Oath was a temporary one at best, only a stopgap against the storm that's coming. And as he faces his final battle, he knows he could lose everything, and it could well be all his fault.

Baby baby we can shed this skin,
We can know how we feel inside.
Instead of going down an endless road,
Not knowing if we're dead or alive.
Some things are worth fighting for,
Some feelings never die.
I'm not asking for another chance,
I just wanna know why.

As readers will know, Nathan stands to lose not only the fight, but Elena, his love, as well. But as much as he knows what he might lose by staying and fighting, what would be lost if he simply gave in would be far worse. Even if it costs him everything he holds dear, Nathan Shepherd will stand his ground.

There's no easy way out,
There's no shortcut home.
There's no easy way out,
Giving in can't be wrong.

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