Aug 19, 2014

Memory War Soundtrack: Rise - Miracle of Sound

We're getting closer to the launch of Memory War, and this week we'll be looking at the last tracks from the soundtrack. And I've made sure they're the best. 

This week I'm pretty much going to be fanboying about Miracle of Sound. Miracle of Sound is a one-man operation by my fellow Irishman, Gavin Dunne. It is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting and engaging things to come from the video game fan community. Starting off as a hobby, Gav has turned Miracle of Sound into a business that's going from strength to strength.

Two of his songs, in particular, have influenced my work on Memory War, perfectly fitting the mood and emotions I hope to evoke with the book, despite both having been released well after the overall story was set in my head. Appropriately, both songs are inspired by the last installment in a trilogy. 

The first draws from The Dark Knight Rises:

It's actually rather unsettling just how much the lyrics fit Memory War. This is the ultimate "get up off your ass and get back in the fight!" moment for Nathan.

Through ceaseless time
Great nations fall
Immortal shadows
Sacrifice the sprawl

Nathan and Elena have seen many empires rise and fall over their lifetimes. Their forgotten past with Athamar will be revealed, and you'll see just how long he has been their enemy.

A man will come
To start a fire
Your shining city
Will become your pyre

This simple, direct verse sums up Athamar completely. New York will burn, and he will watch and laugh.

Your body broken
Your spirit numb
Weak and waiting
For the end to come

Nothing Nathan has experienced can prepare him for what he's about to endure.

Rise from the shadows 
Make a fist of the pain
Rise from your grief
Before it grows into your bane

Nathan must find the strength to stand against Athamar. Whatever he must sacrifice, whatever he must endure, he must find some way to defeat his ancient foe, and keep on fighting, despite the things that will be taken from him along the way.

Climb from the prison 
That you've built in your soul
When the knight has arisen
Then your legend will be whole

What secrets lie locked within a soul as old as Nathan's? What power could be unleashed? And what would be the cost?

Heroes may die, but legends live forever.

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