Apr 12, 2011

J is for Journey

The end of every journey brings with it the start of a new one. After one goal is achieved, there is often another to replace it. Our lives and stories are an unending cycle of starts and endings. Once we stop, we stagnate and lose ourselves.

All to often we become focused on the goal and stop caring how we get there. The same can happen in writing. In the rush to reach the end, we forget to go back and take the time to properly re-write and edit. What we forget is how much the journey itself matters. How we reach the end can matter as much as what end we reach, or even whether we reach it at all.

When writing, or doing anything, for that matter, take some time to just experience the process. Learn from the act of doing, and remember that there are many routes you can take to you end goal. Sometimes that means going back and finding a different way, while sometimes it's a nice straight road with no stops along the way. Just remember that every step is important, and by the end, all of those steps will have made you the person you are.

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