Apr 25, 2011

U is for Unicorn

The Last Unicorn, to be specific.

As a child, this movie was one of my favourites. I watched it so much the tape wore out and my parents had to replace it. There's a specific moment in the movie which has always resonated with me, which taught me how stories are meant to be told.

It's the moment at the climax, when the Unicorn is being chased by the Red Bull, and Lir asks Schmendrick why he can't use magic to save her, he asks what use is magic if it can't be used to save a unicorn.

Schmendrick tells him that's not what magic is for. That's what heroes are for.

There should be no quick fixes, no easy answer that saves the day. There should be someone to risk themselves, to give up something of themself for the greater good and make a stand.

That's what heroes are for.


  1. This post is amazing. Short, simple, and amazing.

  2. I hated that film as a child! I do like that line though :)

  3. Halli: Thank you!

    Ellen: Really? Wow. I absolutely loved it. The skeleton scared me, though.

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  5. One of my favorite bands, America, wrote and performed that song. Very pretty.