Apr 29, 2011

Y is for You're a Mystery

Those who read my F post will know that my wife and I are expecting our first child in July, and that there was some concern after the last scan because the amniotic fluid levels were low and they couldn't identify any kidneys.

Today we had another scan, and they were able to confirm both that there is a functioning bladder and a pair of kidneys. This is good news! The baby's the right size, there are no ruptures in the placenta at all. The bad news is that there's still a very low level of amniotic fluid, but they simply cannot find a cause. This, it turns out, is also good news, because without a medical cause for the low levels, the odds are a lot higher that this is just a medical mystery and the baby will be absolutely fine once born.

Of course, the baby is still being as uncooperative as ever and won't let us find out what gender it is.

So today's post is a message to my unborn child. Kiddo, you're a complete mystery. I love you for it, and hope you're always a complete surprise throughout your life, but I guarantee you if we're driving anywhere and you complain of needing to pee, I'll remind you that you were perfectly content to hardly pee at all while your mother was carrying you, so you can bloody well hold it! :-)


  1. Delighted to hear the good news, so many reasons to be hopeful!

    I also like to see evidence of prospective parents planning ahead so well :)

    A lovely post.

  2. That is great news about the baby.
    As a mother of 2, I will say that they are always surprising you - most of the time in wonderful ways. Sounds like you are ready for those and will enjoy them!

  3. Oh, Paul, I missed your F post. Congratulations to both of you and super super that the baby and mum appear to be healthy.

  4. I missed the F post as well, so congratulations. I'm glad the baby is healthy.

  5. so glad to hear things are better...keep up the beautiful attitude! I will picture your child in a bubble of golden light, girl or boy.