Apr 22, 2011

S is for Summer

Okay, it's still technically spring. But the sun is shining, we've stocked up on meat for the barbecue, and we've got the whole Easter weekend off work, so I'm claiming this as a summer day.

While I was in college, Easter was always a kind of start to the summer. It was the last break before exams started, and typically marked part of the transition from regular term time to "Oh dear god I've done no work all year I'm so screwed!" I have memories of sitting by the lake in UCD (my college) with Jen (then just my girlfriend) and our friends, eating ice pops. Then heading indoors for a game session.

We did some studying at some point in college, I'm sure...

While having day or even weekend-long parties is a lot more rare these days, even during the summer, it still makes me happy that we can make the time for things like this. I think the hot weather encourages people to take things a little more easily and to just enjoy themselves together.

Here's to a great weekend, and I hope everyone has a good Easter.


  1. Happy Easter Paul! BBQ sounds like a good plan to me :)

  2. I'm just hoping for as good a spell of weather in a month's time when I shall be in Ireland :-)

  3. Happy Easter! Hope your wife if feeling well. Enjoy your summer weekend!

  4. Jingle: It's raining here now, though. No more summer :-(

    Kerri: It was. Still haven't gotten through all the food we got in, though.

    Paula: It should pick up again, hopefully.

    Halli: She is, thanks. Very tired though.